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​Already a thousand

Each capsule contains 150 mg of high-purity NMN, which is equivalent to eating tens of kilograms of broccoli or avocado


Easy to absorb

After 10 minutes of oral administration, NMN is absorbed and transported to the blood, and it starts to act on the heart, liver, kidney, muscle and other organs.


Natural ingredients

NMN is a naturally occurring compound in human body and food


The effect is obvious

Effective anti-aging, prevention and treatment of sub-health, and enhance human function


Non-chemical synthesis

All natural green production, harmless and pollution-free


Reasonable price

Many years of enzymatic process precipitation, innovative technology to control production costs, bring reasonable prices that the general public can also enjoy


Improve body function and improve aging symptoms

NMN can combat functional decline at the cellular level from its roots. Therefore, in addition to improving body condition, promoting metabolism, increasing muscle mass and reducing fat, improving sleep, etc., studies have also shown that it can delay various symptoms of aging, and improve appearance, hearing and vision. Decline and other symptoms of aging. More and more related scientific researches are also discovering and verifying its beneficial effects.


Improve cardiovascular function

Maintain the regenerative capacity of capillaries. Muscle cells release growth factors during exercise, and capillary epidermal cells receive growth factors to accelerate growth. This process depends on the longevity egg Sirtuin1 produced by coenzyme I. The older the person, the less coenzyme I, and exercise The effect of stimulating muscle growth is also worse.


DNA gene repair enzyme

By supplementing NMN to enhance NAD+, NMN's effectiveness in resisting poisons, radiation and repairing DNA damage has also been recognized by NASA (NASA), and NASA plans to use it to help astronauts resist cosmic radiation and reduce cell mutations caused by DNA damage.

​International Research and Discovery of the NMN Efficacy


Mar 19,2021

Quercetin Improves Poor Diet-Induced Heart Dysfunction

Quercetin enhances blood vessel generation and reduces heart fat accumulation in mice.


Mar 17, 2021

Dr. Dudley Lamming on Dietary Restriction of Branch Chain Amino Acids Extending Male Mouse Lifespan

Dr. Dudley Lamming discusses how restricting protein building blocks called branch chain amino acids extends male but not female mouse lifespan and the potential application to human diets.


Mar 31, 2021

NMN Prevents Chemotherapy-Induced Cognition Impairments in Mice

Increasing NAD+ levels could represent a promising and safe therapeutic strategy for chemotherapy medicine-related neurotoxicity


NAD +增強保護人類細胞免於過早衰老

研究人員致力於根除NAD +缺乏,線粒體損傷和衰老所致的兒童神經退行性疾病特徵...


NAD +增強納米晶體可保護小鼠心臟免受損害

含煙酰胺核糖苷和白藜蘆醇的納米晶體可增強小鼠器官中NAD +的水平...



損傷後加強NAD +可抑制組織損傷和疤痕形成...


NAD +改進了成人幹細胞的研究和臨床應用

研究表明,補充NAD +可以延緩骨髓源性幹細胞的衰老...

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